Copying Culture

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After seeing this site, Godwitter, linked on my first initial reaction
was a couple of cuss words (in my head of course), another way we cheapen Christianity
to look like the culture. With the advent of Godtube, iGod, and any christian t-shirt I thought
it was over, but it is far from being over, it has just begun. Godwitter is an online site much like
the popular online community of twitter.

I get what is going on here, twitter is a great place to communicate, discuss, and keep in touch with great people,
why not grab a hold of that, but do we have to cheapin it so much? Do we (Christians) have to look like we
have no creative ability what-so-ever?
I am going to stop there because I could go on for a little bit.
I wonder….

What is the next great copy that is going to happen in christian marketing?

What is your response to this?

Here is what said:
We do this under the guise of “redeeming our culture” or “being relevant.”
And I have nothing wrong with either of those things. But seriously, a Christian version of Twitter?



10 Responses

  1. for one, “Godwitter?” i can understand the copying from youtube to godtube (thankfully they changed their name) or some other retarded thing i can’t think of right now, but that puts it over the edge for me.

    here’s my question:
    would this actually fall under using God’s name in vain?

    Seriously, you invoke God’s name upon something that doesn’t create culture, it further alienates and encourages a SUB- culture of Christians who will (though i hate to say it) go on NOT furthering the kingdom. another way to NOT be the salt and the light.

    “Hurry up everyone, let’s get as far away from the ‘world’ as possible!”
    “But how do we do that?”
    “I got it…what’s popular right now?”
    “uh, Twitter and American Idol.”
    “okay, Twitter we can copy, but we don’t have enough creative christians to do our own Christian Idol….and that name doesn’t really go with the 10 commandments.”

  2. lol Godwitter. Could they possibly be more lame? I enjoy a little “Christian Parody” now and then in order to make a point (via a sermon or something) but blatantly ripping off a pop-culture obsession in order to do exactly what the original product does seems unethical. I can’t believe they aren’t getting their pants sued off right now.

    You are right Kyle, this is some people exploiting Christianity (and Christians) to push a product that is ultimately a ripoff. Their intentions may be good, but there’s nothing sacred about Godwitter and no reason to affiliate God with it.

    • It would be interesting to read a book or something about the underworld of christian marketing and the amount of money they make.
      I wonder the true motives here.

  3. What did you honestly expect?

  4. i know that a lot of people know this, but a lot of CCM record companies are owned by parent companies like columbia, Sony, RCA, Virgin, etc… so i would venture to say most of those would be revenue-seeking companies over a “Kingdom-impacting” philosophy.

  5. I think you are looking at it wrong. What if you are a new Christian and have no idea what is out there in the Christian world. Good worship music, preachers, ect. Maybe they have no Christian friends and nobody to encourage them. Its too easy to poke fun at stuff like that but at least someone is trying to do something.. hopefully not to get rich.

    Tyler linked this 🙂

  6. Yeah…this is crazy…”the Christian Twitter.” I didn’t know that Twitter was so “non-christian.” I honestly don’t see how this can help anyone get closer to God. Why don’t we just start a new internet that only Christians can use.

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